New highly efficient membrane filter outperforms conventional crossflow membrane technologies

Exceptional Flux

  • Uses a unique composite single-layer microstructure membrane for spiral wound filters
  • Flux rate 2 to 4 times higher than conventionally cast polymeric membranes
  • Lower fouling with improved cleanability
  • Targeted for ultra and micro filtration applications

Exceptional Separation

  • Separates virtually all undissolved constituents due to its precise pore size distribution across the ultra  and micro filtration spectrums
  • Capable of consistently separating down to <10 ppm levels: free oil, emulsified materials (e.g. oil, soap, surfactant-laced fluids) and total suspended solids (e.g. bacteria, other particulates)
  • Able to handle system upsets of high oil content

Exceptional Durability

  • Operates at maximum temperatures from 135 to 155 °F
  • pH levels from 1.8 to 10
  • Exceptional oil and chemical resistance
  • Capability to backwash