Transforming Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration for Industrial Water Applications

At PPG, our commitment to enhancing the microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) process extends to industrial process water and wastewater reuse, offering solutions designed to remove oil and other contaminants from industrial process water and wastewater so both can be disposed or reused safely and economically.

Our high-performance MF and UF membranes are engineered for versatility, catering to a wide array of industrial process water and wastewater treatment needs. Whether it's oil and gas, automotive and industrial paint lines, or even graywater treatment, PPG’s high-flux MF and UF membranes are built to deliver strong performance and reliability.

Benefits of PPG’s MF and UF Membranes for Industrial Water Reuse

Greater All-Around Efficiency

PPG’s high-flux polymeric membranes generate industry-leading MF and UF speeds for industrial wastewater treatment. Engineered to offer superior flow rates, our membrane technology helps keep your operations running smoothly and effectively.

Our membrane technology not only speeds up the filtration process but also improves the overall efficiency of wastewater treatment. This means higher throughput, better quality of effluent and more opportunities for water reuse. In addition, by separating oil, grease and emulsified contaminants from higher volumes of industrial process water, PPG’s UF membranes can reduce the number of filters and the amount of manufacturing floor space needed to recover the water for reuse, offering plant managers and maintenance engineers a solution that performs better and lasts longer with better cleanability.

Long-Lasting Durability and Cost Savings

Engineered to withstand the rigors of industrial processes, our membranes provide exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical stability. Compared to two-layer PAN and PVDF membranes, the single-layer design of PPG’s polymeric membrane increases its durability by allowing the feed water to reverse flow (or backwash) through its surface. The result is a combination of high flux and enhanced separation, as well as the potential for extended service life not yet achieved by other permeable membrane elements.

Environmental and Sustainability Advantages

PPG’s MF and UF systems enable the successful recovery, recycling and reuse of industrial process water – an element that’s beneficial to both companies that recapture this valued resource as well as the environment by reducing demands and stress on freshwater supplies. The enhanced performance of our membranes with our proprietary anti-fouling treatment inhibits trace amounts of oil, grease and other tough-to-filter contaminants from fouling the membranes and filter elements. In turn, this can extend the service life of membranes, reducing costs through lower maintenance and replacement needs.

Trusting PPG for Your MF and UF Needs

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