Revolutionizing Ultrafiltration for Electrocoat

Welcome to the next generation of ultrafiltration (UF), designed specifically for electrocoat (e-coat) applications. PPG has raised the bar for filtration technology performance, delivering enhanced efficiency and durability as well as significant cost savings for automotive, aerospace, appliance, metal furniture, metal parts and other industrial uses.

Perks of PPG’s Drop-in Solution for UF Performance

Who better to reinvent UF technology for e-coat than the pioneers of e-coat technology? With over half a century of expertise in the e-coat field, PPG has optimized a traditional spiral-wound filter element design to maximize the unique performance qualities of the proprietary PPG membrane.

As an integral component of the e-coat system, PPG UF filters recover paint, cleanse the tank of ionic impurities and minimize conductivity. Ultimately, this process generates pristine permeate for rinsing the coated components. The result is a drop-in solution that boosts productivity, lowers overall cost and extends the membrane’s lifetime compared to conventional PVDF and PTFE spiral-wound filters.

Existing UF systems can benefit from the performance and financial advantages PPG's advanced membrane filters deliver:

  • Standardized configuration enables simple drop-in replacement of existing elements
  • Longer lifetime compared to many conventional filter element technologies, including PVDF and PTFE
  • Reduced consumables and associated costs over time
  • Potential for increased capacity with no added capital
  • Add backwash capability with minimal investment

Enhanced UF Efficiency for E-coat Applications

Our advanced single-layer membrane is composed of both water-attracting and water-repelling materials. Together, these opposing surface energies yield higher flux and exceptional filtration efficiency through strong capillary forces that actively pull water through the membrane, making them easier to clean, reducing solids loss and extending service life to reduce costs. PPG’s UF solutions for e-coat are not just about filtration—they are about optimizing the process to deliver unparalleled results.

More Backwashing, Less Cost with PPG’s UF Technology

Clean, free-flowing filter elements are crucial to maintaining a stable e-coat process. During typical use, e-coat filter elements continue to foul over time, reducing performance throughout the element’s service life. The robustness of the PPG membrane allows for reverse flow and backwash cleaning, leading to longer element lifetimes and fewer change-outs. This means your system keeps running smoothly with minimal downtime, further driving down operating costs.

Trust the Experts in UF for E-coat

At PPG, we invent solutions that protect and beautify the world. Our vast experience and technical expertise make us the trusted partner for businesses. When you choose our filtration technologies and filter elements, you're choosing products backed by years of research, innovation and proven success worldwide.

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